Tracey Pough

Where did she go?

Tracey the new staff member hired to replace Maegan's position has become very ill. She has been "admitted to the hospital". This Illness took affect 2/3/16 and has been ongoing since then.

I decided last Tuesday that the instability and consistency of Tracey's attendance was not going to benefit our TK/Kindergarten Program. It is very important for me to be completely candid and honest with each of you. Instead of me repeating this 18 times I thought an email would do the trick. Please if you have any questions come talk with me. Unfortunately it was brought to my attention in fact Ms. Pough was not ill. Please let this be a lesson to all Facebook,and Instagram users... They call it social media for a reason. #sadface

Moving Forward... There was a runner up Candidate that Thalia and I really liked. Her name is Ana Garcia. She has taught Kindergarten and TK. She is well versed in the Abeka curriculum, and comes with amazing references. She will be on campus tomorrow to fill out her new hire pack, and meet all of you. Ana's official first day is Friday.

What do we tell the families????

I called the TK & Kindergarten parents this evening. I only have three families I was not able to make contact with, I will call again tomorrow. I will be putting together a letter for them. But as a Mom before a School Director I believe firmly that children thrive on consistency. I knew it was important for them to receive a personal phone call. As far as our afternoon daycare they will receive a letter. If parents ask questions here's how it goes;

Mrs. Pough could not assist with our Kinder and PM daycare program because she has had unforeseen health issues. (We're obviously giving her the benefit of the doubt) Thank you for your assistance with this transition.