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Using the OAKS Dropbox More Efficiently

The OAKS Dropbox allows students to submit digital copies of their work. While you cannot annotate on these digital files within the Dropbox, there are other features that can make grading more efficient.

Bulk Downloads and Uploads

If you grade students' work digitally (such as using Word's "track changes" tool), you can download all student submissions in a .ZIP folder instead of individually. Once you're done typing feedback, you can save all student files as a .ZIP file and upload once. The Dropbox tool will then distribute the feedback files to each student automatically.

The video below will walk you through these simple steps.

OAKS 10.3 Dropbox: Bulk uploading feedback files

Grading Assignments

From within the Dropbox, you can type text comments, record up to 2 minutes of audio, associate a rubric with the assignment, and upload files (such as Word documents that you graded with "track changes").

The video below will walk you through these features.

OAKS 10.3 - Dropbox: Grading Your Dropbox Assignments

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