LIS Update 5/13/2019

Para Luncheon

Here is the information from Amy Owens about the Para Luncheon:

  • Date: May 29th
  • Location: Sweet Tomatoes at the Fountains
  • Time: 11:00 am
  • Cost: All You Can Eat Salad, Pasta, Potato and Soup Bar: $10.29 per person (includes drink - I have a coupon)

HPL Learning Link Resources & Website

The HPL Learning Link resources will be promoted frequently via the @Alief_LibrariesTwitter starting 5/13 and lasting all summer. You may receive questions about the resources. There are training guides in Schoology>Resources>Digital Resources>HPL Learning Link Resources

Make sure to create a link the to Alief HPL Learning Link website on your campus Library Website. Tracy and I will be checking this starting May 29th.

SERS Items Checked Out

The folks at the SERS Department started checking out items in Destiny to their Special Education personnel and students.

These items will have either SERS or 99 at the beginning of the barcode.

The items with SERS barcodes will be returned to the SERS Department at the ASF and do not impact student or staff end of year checkout forms.

Digital Learning Items Checked Out

There are some items from the Digital Learning Department that have been checked out to campus personnel via Destiny.

These items will have a 99 at the beginning of the barcode.

Stacey Keener will be working with the staff members who have these items. The goal is to have the items picked up by May 21st.

MakerSpace Prize UPDATE!

There have been three more prizes added to the end of year MakerSpace Prize drawings. The six prizes include: 2 Cricuts, 2 Makeblock Airblock Drones, a Snap Circuts Delux and a K'nex Education Maker Kit.

All campuses who complete all monthly reports (September-May) by May 29th will be entered in the Monthly Report/MakerSpace drawing.

Destiny Need to Know: 3 Things

  1. Alicia created a tip sheet for batch deleting of Texas Treasures items. Here it is.
  2. Varsha (Petrosky aide) figured out a way to view your entire library catalog in Destiny. Here are the directions.
  3. There are several items each librarian needs to complete in Destiny before leaving for the summer. Please see the End of the Year Destiny Best Practices Guide for this list of items.

End of the Year Tasks

Before you leave for the year, make sure to:
  • Bring your Monthly Reports up-to-date
  • Complete your Inventory
  • Upload your collection to Titlewave
  • Fill out the 2019 Snapshot
  • Fill out the 2019 Library Highlights
  • Fill out your 2019 State of the Library
  • Fill out your 2019 Inventory
  • Fill out your 2019 Self Evaluation

Directions and links for all of these tasks are on the 2019 End of the Year Checklist.

Professional Development 5/18/19

There are two Professional Development sessions this Saturday, 5/18/19. The am session is a Digital Resources Session and the pm session is a Twitter Session.

Both sessions count for Alief ISD Professional Development credit for the 2019-2020 PD year.

Driving Volunteers Needed

Sharyl Renner will not be able to drive for about 4 weeks after getting her right knee replaced on June 10. Are you able to help drive her to Doctor appointments or physical therapy? Volunteer Here

ELA Adoption - only applies to PreK-8th Grade

There were many notes about the ELA Adoption in the prior Smore. Please make sure to read over these updates.
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