M9 Lesson 2: Intri-Extri Motivation

April 5, 2016

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Module 9

Module 9 is due on April 11th. If you are using the grace period for 8, then you will need to schedule extra time to get on pace.

Review of Motivation

Why do we do the things we do? What is it that drives our behaviors? Psychologists have proposed a number of different ways of thinking about motivation, including one method that involves looking at whether motivation arises from outside (extrinsic) or inside (intrinsic) the individual.

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Extrinsic motivation occurs when we are motivated to perform a behavior or engage in an activity in order to earn a reward or avoid a punishment.

Examples of behaviors that are the result of extrinsic motivation include:

  • Studying because you want to get a good grade

  • Cleaning your room to avoid being reprimanded by your parents

  • Participating in a sport in order to win awards

  • Competing in a contest in order to win a scholarship

In each of these examples, the behavior is motivated by a desire to gain a reward or avoid a negative outcome.

Intrinsic motivation involves engaging in a behavior because it is personally rewarding; essentially, performing an activity for its own sake rather than the desire for some external reward.

Examples of behaviors that are the result of intrinsic motivation include:

  • Participating in a sport because you find the activity enjoyable

  • Solving a word puzzle because you find the challenge fun and interesting

  • Playing a game because you find it exciting

In each of these instances, the person's behavior is motivated by an internal desire to participate in an activity for its own sake.

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