Third Grade News

Mrs. Behm, Mrs. Komar, and Mrs. Pilo

June 5, 2019

Language Workshop:

Why Do We Share Discoveries?

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In Language Workshop, we have studied how authors use different types of text structures to compose their books. We have learned how some writers created specific characters that aligned with their topic to had humor to the text to keep the readers engaged throughout the book. We were able to compare and contrast the similarities and differences that stemmed across all the books in this unit and ones prior.

As writers, we took some of the writing moves that we noticed and attempted to embed them in our own informational writing during Writer’s Workshop. Take a look at our science integrated writing piece that are published on our Book Creator app on our iPads. Please feel free to give your child feedback on their efforts. It would be well received.

How Have I Grown This Year?

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Reading Workshop:

In Reader’s Workshop, we are currently engrossed in our last unit of the year entitled reflections. We are carving out time to reflect as readers and writers on the continuous process of analyzing our growth this year. We are also spending time celebrating our strengths and new learning. We are closing down the year with book recommendations that will ignite continuous motivation and engagement of our favorite books, authors, series and topics! Our intentions are to give intentional recommendations that will set each other up for a summer reading plan to build upon and strengthen our reading.

Thank you for encouraging your son or daughter to read at home throughout the year! Students are encouraged to continue using RazKids to keep their reading skills strong over the summer.

Please help us out by checking at home for any of Mrs. Behm’s, Mrs. Komar’s, or Mrs. Pilo’s books. If you have any, please return them this week so we can get our libraries ready for the next set of readers coming to third grade next year.

Writing Workshop:

In Writing Workshop, the students just finished writing a Book Creator book on various weather hazards. The students first did a fair amount of research. They learned an appropriate way to take notes. They used these notes to create their weather books. Last they had an opportunity to share their books with each other. Please ask your child to share their weather hazard book with you!


This week we finished our volume and mass unit. For the rest of the school year we will be working on a problem solving unit called “The Big Dinner.” Students are planning a big dinner party so they have to calculate how much to buy and how much it will cost. They will have the opportunity to apply all the skills they’ve learned this year to solve these problems.

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The last week for math logs was due this Monday. Thank you for encouraging your son or daughter to practice their math at home throughout the year! Students are encouraged to continue using Dreambox to keep their math skills strong over the summer. If you have questions, feel free to ask.


We ended our weather unit by creating an invention that could prevent their weather hazard or protect others and keep them safe in their weather hazard. The third graders were very creative in thinking of ideas, designing, and sharing their finished product with the class.

Thank you to all our parent volunteers who came along with us on our field trip to the Fox River! We had lots of fun on the nature walk, exploring the stream table,

a-maze-ing water, groundwater model, and connecting to what we’ve learned in our weather unit at school.

Social Studies:

In Social Studies, the students have been working on an economy unit that highlights goods and services. The students have learned what goods and services are and how important they are in our world today.

Second Step:

In the last couple of weeks of school, we have been completing our Second Step lessons. We hope that these lessons will be remembered by the students and that they will use the skills they learned from these lessons next year in 4th grade.

Finally, we wanted to send out a big thank you to ALL the wonderful volunteers who have served in the Annual Rose Glen Chicken Dinner Event, this past field trip to the E.B. Shurts Environmental Education Center, classroom parties, and photocopier helpers. Your amazing support and gift of time have definitely made a difference! We value and cherish your unconditional support!

We will miss all of our third graders! Have a WONDERFUL and SAFE summer!

Mrs. Behm, Mrs. Komar, and Mrs. Pilo

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