Nathan Caskey

The Beginning

Ruff, Ruff my new puppy is to playful! And yes she is mine, But My Mom, Dad and Brother Nick helps me out. So let me tell you about my self My favorite color is Orange and i am quite shy. I am a Animal LOVER, lets see I have 1 dog, 2 Guinea Pigs, 2 Turtles, 7 fish, and 1 Betta but those are my pets, I have 2 more dogs as family pets.

My Family

Now let me tell you about my family My Moms name is Tracy Lynn Caskey, she Works at Peculiar Elementary School as a Lunch Monitor. My Dads name is Richard Alex Caskey, He Works at MMGY Global. And my Brother’s Name is Nick Ryan Caskey, He goes to Ray-Pec High School and he is a Freshmen, He is 14. He has only one hobby and that is sitting down stair one the computer hours unending.


Now last but not least, My Hobbies. I love Plants, I have approximately 13 Orchids, 7 Succulents, and 16 more. I also love Archery, I am even on a competitive team. But what I Really love, Is being outside. Oh how I love being outside. So that's my life.