Panther letter

Norfolk Junior High

By: Noah Prochaska

Bill the Hare Challenged Cameron the Tortoise and Bill Loses Race

On March 17, 2013, Bill challenges Cameron to a race and they set up a course and get ready for the next race. The next day, they line up at the start and the gun sound starts it off. At the start, Cameron doesn’t go, but Bill takes off. Later Bill thinks he’s far ahead and falls asleep. Later he wakes up and sees Cameron behind him and eats snack and takes off, but the warm sun makes him doze off. Bill falls asleep in a pile of hay by a nearby barn. Later, when he wakes up, he sees Cameron by the finish line and Bill takes off, but it is too late.

By: Noah Prochaska


To do well in track you have to work really hard and give it your all when you're at a track meet. Track started in 776 B.C. when they didn't have starting blocks. To get better, you have to go out and run on your own. Also, you have to have a flexible coach and work hard in practice. You should also do a warm-up and cool down for at least ten minutes. Expect six to ten practices before you get progress. I practice run about 80 percent and in a meet give it your all. Do a speed workout once a week or every other week. When you go to your meet, stretch before you run. At a meet wear your spikes instead of your daily shoes. When you practice wear your daily shoe.

By: Noah Prochaska

My favorite app Ifunny

This is my favorite because people post funny things that make you laugh every time. This app can be the best entertainment app out there because it will keep you entertained the whole day. It will make you laugh all day. This app will let you post your own creations to become a feature. You get featured by people who like your post, and when you get enough likes you get featured. Ifunny is the funniest app out there to have.

By: Noah Prochaska

Movie Review Feris Bueller’s Day Off

The movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was filmed in 1985. The characters were played by Ferris Bueller: Matthew Brodrick, Camrone Frye: Alon Ruck, Sloane Peterson: Mia Sara, Ed Rooney: Jeffery Jones, and Jeanie Bueller: Jennifer Grey. The movie took place in downtown Chicago and it is rated PG-13. The theme is "Life is too short to live it stressed so live your life happily". Skipping school allows for hilarious shenanigans and fun adventures. The message of the movie is to live your life happily and not being mad at everybody. This movie is a good movie because it’s funny and teaches you good lessons in life. Clip of the movie

By: Noah Prochaska

The Laser Show

Once apon a time there was a land called Skyrim and there was purple unicorn and a kajit. Both of them are best friends. They were heading to a laser light show when it was shooting neon colors all over the place . Kajit ended up dying from all the lasers. Everytime a purple laser went by, the purple unicorn said, "You know when it's purple it's good".

Eveytime a red laser hit him he said, "Every Kajit is helpful in some way".

By: Naketa ad Noah

I am for schooling year round

You have the same amount of time as you would have summer break and you have three weeks of school off every certain amount of time of school days. You will also not going to forget what you learn during the school year. You will also get soccer, rugby, and a baseball team for school activities so more people would be in school sports. The grades would be a lot better because you wouldn't forget the stuff you've learned. Kids will also get to see some of there friends more than summer break.

By: Noah Prochaska

Survey over pop

This is a survey over peoples favorite kind of pop.

Mt. Dew is 28%

Coca Cola is 20%

Pepsi is 16%

Sprite is 12%

Crush is 24%