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Technicians from a company like BENchmark Pool Services

Effectively Dealing With Insect Nuisances Around a Swimming Pool

Regular visits from a swimming Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Service can help customers prevent and deal with infestations by insects and other bugs that are attracted to the water. Even with the sanitizing chemicals in the pool, bugs still view this home improvement feature as a fine source of drinking water. Aquatic insects may view the place as a new home, and some lay eggs in water.

Biting Insects

Mosquitoes and gnats are two primary examples of insects that lay eggs in water, although the water has to be stagnant. This can happen if a swimming pool is uncovered and seldom used. Both are nuisances because they bite. Mayflies lay eggs there too, although they don't bite anyone. Biting flies also hang around water. Horseflies are particularly obnoxious to have around.

Reducing Nighttime Lighting

Technicians from a company like BENchmark Pool Services use a few strategies and provide advice on how to reduce bug populations around the water. An important technique is to reduce nighttime lights in the area, since those attract lots of bugs that can wind up dead in the water. Regular pool brushing eliminates organic debris and the beginnings of algae growth, all of which fool insects into thinking this is a natural water feature like a pond or a marsh. After brushing, vacuuming is required.

Preventing Invasions of Stinging Insects

Keeping food and beverages to a minimum poolside is important for preventing invasions by stinging insects. Bees, hornets and wasps are all attracted to sweet items, and some of the bugs want protein at certain times of year to bring back to the colony. Cans of sweet soda are magnets for these critters. Flies often hang around food sources like these too. A pool cleaner technician encourages customers to keep these items away from the pool as much as possible and not to leave empty cans or food crumbs lying around after everyone has moved on to other activities.

Removing Debris From Water

Usually it's difficult to eradicate all of the bugs around the area. Dead ones can be removed from the water, along with organic debris, by a pool cleaning service every week. This is an especially convenient service if the customers tend to only use the pool on weekends. All the debris can be eliminated and the chemicals balanced soon before the weekend fun begins. If guests come over, they'll be impressed at how clear and clean the water is.