3 for Thursday

May 19, 2016

1. Get to Know Me Project

Ahhh, summer.....that time of year when we have a million ideas floating around that will make our classrooms and lives better next year. But, the pool and the beach (or your own personal nirvana) call and little gets done. One thing I always found the most difficult about the start of a new school year was that the relationship between myself and my new students just wasn't there yet. I would always update my "old-school" Meet the Teacher book over the summer and read it to the class on the first day of school (which I still have in my office if you want to take a look-though it's now somewhat outdated:) Your students love it when you share information about your life outside of school! Why not take some time this summer to create a Google Slides presentation to help "break the ice" with your students next year? You might even consider having students create their own short project with some highlights about themselves. Showcase a few each day the first week of school. Be sure to join the FCS Google course in itslearning if you have not already-you will find tons of resources there!

2. Worried about the summer slump?

Students are home for summer for a little more than 9 weeks. You can support their summer retention of skills with weekly emails. Don't stop reading-stay with me! Divide and conquer on your grade level and come up with a few fun (but beneficial) activities for each week and compose an encouraging email to accompany them. Save the emails to your Draft folder, then just login once a week and hit send. You can even send yourself a calendar reminder! Let students know the emails will be coming so they'll be sure to ask mom or dad about them. You can even include a "secret word" in each email and promise a prize for everyone who can bring you the list of words at the start of the new school year!

3. Sign Up For Some Summer Learning

Summer Technology Professional Learning

This summer, the Instructional Technology team will provide professional learning options to meet your needs: PL available through videos that you can watch any time, online options, and face-to-face sessions. Check this list for topics of interest, then check back at the end of May for the video links/session information. Register in PDExpress for itslearning professional learning opportunities, which can be found here.

Leadership Academy for Instructional Media and Technology

The Instructional Technology Department is pleased to offer a new course beginning in the Fall of 2016 that combines the best of the Aspiring ITS and Instructional Leadership for Library Media Specialist courses. In this course, we will honor the rich partnership that can be created between the Instructional Media and Instructional Technology Specialists, while at the same time respecting the uniqueness of each position. This course is for Forsyth County educators in their first year of service as an ITS or in a media center, current teachers with an interest in working in Instructional Media or Technology, and those currently working in these areas with an interest in improving skill sets. Click here for more information, and complete this form to apply by May 25. (You must be signed in to your forsythk12.org Google account to access the form.)

Happy Summer!

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