Criteria and Evidence of Understanding



Teachers will explore how to make a digital flyer using Smore.

User Experience

Easy account creation and a seamless drag and drop interface. Excellent for all levels of technology confidence and proficiency.


Vary based on your Evidence of Understanding

Step 1 only: 25 points

Steps 1-4: 100 points


1. Choose one of the following options and create a Smore:

  • Create a flyer for the beginning of the school year introducing yourself to parents and students. Must include a minimum of a short bio, a picture, and the syllabus. Feel free to be creative and include anything else you would typically share in an introduction about yourself.

  • Create an announcement for a club, organization, or sport that you’re involved in at JTHS. Include a short description and information like date, time, and location. Add images, maps and video if appropriate.

  • Create a flyer for building background knowledge of something being studied in class. For example: an author/piece of literature, important figure in history, significant events in the past/present, equations in math/science, etc. Must include text, pictures, audio or video and hyperlinks to additional information.

2. Brainstorm: Develop a vision of how you would use this in class and write a brief description that includes ideas for use, your plan for scaffolding your students’ ability to use this site if appropriate, and a timeframe for implementation.

3. Make it happen: Identify if you’re using this site to teach, for students to learn, or for students to produce a product.

  • To Teach: create your Smore and share the link with us as your Evidence of Understanding.
  • To Learn: create your Smore and share the link with us as your Evidence of Understanding.
  • To Produce: Submit the link to 3 student examples of the Smore they created.

4. Write a reflection on the use of your Smore in class. This must include what went well, how it could be improved or done differently next time, and an evaluation of how effective the interactive image was in accomplishing your initial goal(s).

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