Lomas inquirer

October 1929

Stock Market Crashes.

Today in history the stock market crashed. All of the stocks are droping 25% and people are getting worried It is a very terrible thing people are trying to get there shares and stocks from the bank and the bank is going broke because they dont carry enough money to pay the people. Due to this people are getting mad. Everyone is loosing money on there stocks because they keep going down. Not many but some are hoping the stocks go back up but who knows they might not ever go back up. People are going poor and having to go home to nothing to eat, Women are loosing there jobs due to men from the war. How did all this happen when we were doing so well we had the summer boom and everyone was buying on margin and were able to pay the banks back but now the banks are loosing money and people are going into debt adn this may be a start to something.

Great Depressin Starts

A resolt of the stock market crash

Due to the stock mark crashing people are going poor. People have to sell there properties and other women have to give up their jobs to the soldiers coming back so they can support there family. Many men are having to go in the bread line for bread and soup. So many people are dying but we beleive FDR can get us out of this mess. most men are able to get warm from this Hoover Stew that is made for them. And we are seeing street venders all over selling items for alot less money then normal for the people. During this time people were doiung anything to make a penny people were singing and dancing and other street things a hit song came out called Brother, Can you spare a dime by Bing Crosby. Thousands of homeless families stayed in fields in central park. Many people were trying to move to Califoprnia to get away from this but the Depressin is all over the world. To keep children entertained they had comic strips come out like superman.  The average income of the American family dropped by 40 percent from 1929 to 1932. Income fell from $2,300 to $1,500 per year. During the 1930s, manufacturing employees earned about $17 per week. Doctors earned $61 per week.