Athenian Times

News About Our Culture

Battle of Marathon- Athenians Win The Battle

As expected the Persians, led by their King Darius I, attacked Athens. This was not a surprise because we refused to submit to Darius' rule and executed his ambassador when he came and proposed this idea. Clearly that angered Darius. His reaction was to send force of approximately 48,000 to conquer our great city. As the Persian fleet headed toward Greece, they managed to defeat several other city-states. They arrived at Marathon Bay, NE of Athens. The Persians had a huge infantry and cavalry that totaled more than 48,000 men, which outnumbered us by 4 to 1.

Our superior weaponry and shields proved superior to the Persians bows and arrows. The battle lasted about nine days. While we lost only 192 men, the Persians lost about 6,400 before they retreated. Athenians remain a force to be feared.

Great Philosopher Socrates Executed

Socrates recently faced trial for speaking against our Athenian government and preaching his anti-democratic views. A jury found him guilty by a vote of 280 to 220. They found him guilty of refusing to recognize the gods recognized by the state and for corrupting the youth.

He was asked by the court to suggest his own punishment however he choose to make sarcastic remarks instead. While it was thought that instead of death there would be a compromise for exile, his disrespect resulted in a death sentence. The method of death would be poison by drinking hemlock. This sentence was carried out.

Beautiful Architecture Continues to Make Athens the Most Interesting City in Greece

Unlike our sister city Sparta, we Athenians continue to enjoy some of the most beautiful temples and buildings in all the world. One of our most magnificent temples, the Parthenon, was burned by the Persians however Pheidias, one of our most talented artist and architect, has overseen the rebuilding of this wonderful structure and it is now a great monument for Athena.

The temple is an excellent example of the Doric style. The statue of Athena is a real tribute to her and certainly must make her smile on Athens. Other temples that make Athens a beautiful place are the Temple of Olympian Zeus and the Poseidon Temple.

Solon Helps the Common Man

After many years of conflict between the aristocrats and the common people, we now have a leader who is working to ease the tensions. He has enacted a number of laws that will help the common people and correct some of the wrongs they have to live with.

All citizens made slaves because they were unable to pay their debts are now freed. In addition a lot of the debt owed by the common people will also be cancelled. Wealthy citizens, even those who are not nobles, will be eligible run for public office.