Digital Footprint Awarness

Do You Even Know?!

Do you even know what a digital footprint is?

According to Webopedia.Com A digital footprint is " the word used to describe the trail, traces or footprints that people leave online."

Digital Footprint Animation

How many people actually know??

Nearly half of all internet users (46.4%) have searched for

information about themselves online!

This means that only half of people actually

know or have looked up their digital footprint!


Leaving a digital footprint could be useful!

For Example:

If you are shopping and you can not find what you are looking for

several adds will appear on you screen with deals and more options.

For Example:

If you go to the store and buy a toothbrush three times, on the fourth time

there might be a coupon given to you because of your frequent purchases!


Leaving a digital footprint could not be good for you.

For Example:

If you do something you could or are ashamed

of something, is still traceable and is still there!

Real Life Situations!

It is important that you post appropriately!!!

  • 11% of adult internet users say they have searched online for information about someone they are thinking about hiring or working with.

If you were to post something bad and you employer

was to find out,through your digital footprint,

then they would not hire you!

How do I keep a clean digital footprint?!?

To keep a clean digital footprint you must follow these steps!

  • Do not post anything you would not want your parents to see!
  • Keep your comments clean
  • Do not view anything you would not want your boss knowing you view!