Tim Burners Lee & Alan Turing

by macy

tim berners-lee was the creator if the internet and world wide web. he studied at the queens college at the unviersity of oxford for 3 years. he got a first class degree in physics and went on to work as an engineer at the telecommunications company. he joined D.G. in 1978 he joined Nash in dorset and created type setting software for printers. He worked as an independant contracter and invented a project based on hypertext. To demonstrate, he built a prototype system named enquire. After he went to work at John Poole's Image Computer System and ran the company's technical side. In 1984, he returned to CERN and In 1989, CERN was the largest Internet node in Europe, and Berners-Lee saw an opportunity to join hypertext with the Internet:

alan turing

alan turing created a machine that could crack codes. in the second world war he was hired to crack the german code and within the first few weeks he had worked it out helping england to win the war