Costa Rica

by Lauren Uhde

Climate and Geography

The land of Costa Rica in general the land is very narrow, The land of Costa Rica can be dived into five regions: The Caribbean coastal plain, the Northern lowlands , the center highlands, the Central valley, and the Pacific region. The climate in this country is usually tropical with a wet season that goes from April to November , and a dry season that goes from December to late March.

Traditions and Etiquette

In Costa Rica people greet each other with a kiss on the cheek for women and a pat on the back for men. There is an attitude in Costa Rica that men are superior to women. Women are usually told to work in their home.


Costa Rica has seven provinces each headed by a governor. The governor is appointed by the president.The provinces are dived into smaller parts. And each small part will have an elected city council.


Compared to Costa Rica America is more complicated in their government. Costa Rica seems to only have two levels of government. America has three levels, federal, state, and local governments. I say I would give Costa Rica a C