A Short Story: By Olivia Foehner

The Dancer's Dream

What it's about:

A Dancer's Dream is a short story about a fifteen year old girl named Becca. Becca, her mom, and her five little siblings live in the "bad side of town" and haven't had a lot of money since her dad died when she was twelve. When she was younger she dreamed of being a professional ballerina but when her dad passed away they did'nt have enough money to pay for dance classes. Now, she just dances, alone in her room. When an oppurtunity comes her way will she take it or not?

Reviews from readers themselves

By far the best short story I have ever read. Very inspirational and intense!!:)*****Aj Ervin

It was very good. I like the way the plot was constructed. ***** Julia Hess

The word choice was great and the story was very touching.*****Tracy Zhou

Theme: Never determine your success by your circumstances, you never know what's around the corner.

Excerpt from "The Dancer's Dream"

I remember being on center stage. A puffy, pink tutu wrapped around my tiny waist and a bun on my head. I turned rather messily, not very much technique in me yet and plied with my butt out. Other girls just like me stood on the stage with the same hopes and thoughts. We were all the stars to ourselves, and our parents of course. That was when I was four and was still full of life and happy ever afters. I was a princess then, with the whole world at my feet. That was before everything changed, before I realized there was no such thing as happy ever afters.

Meet the main character

Becca is the main character in my story. She is very shy and insecure in the beginning of the story. Throughout the story she grows mentally and becomes more happy and secure. She has long blonde hair and bright blue eyes and is very tall and skinny. She loves dancing but does not take classes because her family does not have enough money. She lives with her mom and five younger siblings.

A great book for teen girls who are interested in dance.

About the Author

Olivia Foehner is a best selling Author and an Amazing person