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Ready to Explore Coding?

The Hour of Code is Here!

Remember last year when I ran around like a crazy woman talking about coding? It's that time of year again. Watch out! Here comes the crazy coding lady again!

It is vitally important that we begin to explore the benefits of exposing our students to coding/computer programming. Notice I didn't say "teach" our kids coding. Exposure is enough! Trust that the digital natives all around will help if you get stuck. You just need to take the time to open your student's eyes to the computer programming world. They WILL figure it out and learn how to overcome failure while doing so. If you are worried about it fitting into the curriculum, check out the following link: #KidsCanCode. There are so many ways you can bring the CCSS into your classroom, coding is just another way to reach some of your students. Please sign up at and try to spend at least one hour between 12/8 and 12/14 exposing your students to computer programming. If you need support, please contact me ASAP! You'll get a cool "Coding Classroom" sign if you participate!

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K6 Tech Website

Find everything you need to get started with coding at the K6 Tech website. Have fun! "Let it Go!"

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