The opening in 1955

The opening of disneyland.

The theam park aka disneyland first opened up in Anaheim, California. It opened up on July 17, 1955 and is working on thier 58th year opened. The first day it opend they had 1 million people arrive.

Factors the led to the creation of Disneyland

They wanted a place were families can spend time together. Walt disney came up with Disneyland after visiting amusment parks with his daughter in 1930 and 1940.

Why I feel like this invention was a turning point in american society

I feel this was a turning point because It instilled a coNfidence In the American people as they faced the great depression. It gave them something to believe in and build them with confidence.

Disneyland was great for the people of america.

How the invention of Disneyland changed American society

It changed american society by bring families closer an they were able to start interacting with eachother and getting along. He made children believe that they can do and become anything. Made the children feel magical while being in Disneyland.