The Journey

By Andre


Once upon a time in The Valley there lived a creature called a Boggit.

One day someone knocked on the Boggit’s door. The Boggit’s name was Bill Bagno. “Who is it,” Bill called. He went and opened the door. When Bill opened the door five dwarfs swarmed into Bills house. The dwarfs names were Fili, Killi, Bomba, Domba and the leader Thorin. “Wine for all of us my man,” shouted Thorin. Bill went and got wine for himself and the dwarfs.


Then Bill and the dwarfs sat at the table. Thorin started to speak, “The reason we have come here is because a dragon called Smaug keeps stealing our treasure. We would like you to help us get the treasure back,” “HAHAHAHAHAHA,” Bill cried, “I mean no thank you.” “Please rethink this,” pleaded Thorin. “NO,” said Bill sternly. “You’ll get some of the treasure,” said Thorin. “Hmmmm Ok i’ll do it,” said Bill.


“Before we go you need a weapon. This the best of our crafting,” said Thorin. Thorin pulled out the shiniest sword bill had ever seen. “Whoa” Bill cried “I’ll call it Raven,” said Bill.


Once they got to the dragons lair the dragon Smaug breathed fire at the group. “Who is it,” said Smaug. “ME!” shouted Bill who ran up and jumped onto the dragons neck. Smaug tried to shake Bill off but Bill’s grip was to strong. Bill lifted up his sword and stabbed it into the dragons head. “ROOOOOAAAAAAARRRRRRR,” screamed the dragon. Then Smaug fell to the ground dead. “Thank you. Here is your share of the treasure.” said Thorin. “Thank you. Thank you very much,” replied Bill running off home. “He doesn’t spend much time on good byes,” thought Thorin. And everyone lived happily ever after. The End!