Why Drinking Alcohol Is Bad

Alcohol and The Body

Alcohol affects almost all body parts in a negative way, it is very damaging and has many long term affects. The most important place in the body, the brain is impacted by this drug very strongly. It interferes with the brains pathways, the way it communicates with the body and how it looks. This is can change behaviour, the way you think and your coordination. Alcohol has a damaging affect on the heart as well which is just as important as the brain. It can cause Cardiomyopathy, blood pressure and stroke. Another place this impacts is the liver. It causes steatosis, alcohol hepatitis, fibrosis and cirrhosis. The pancreas is also affected by heavy drinking. It can cause the pancreas to produce toxic substances, which can lead to the inflammation, and swelling of the blood vessels in the pancreas as well. In conclusion heavy drinking in not something that is a healthy life style and reducing intake or quitting in general is a good idea. Alcohol also has a lot of calories in it. An example of a alcoholic beverage with a lot of calories is beer. The term "beer belly" comes from mostly old men who drink a lot of beer and have big bellies. This isn't a false stereotype as some would like to believe reducing intake of beer will show you a big change in how your body looks. It can cause fat but once you stop it will show you a positive result on your body.

Health Effects

The body is not the only thing effected by drinking. A lot of mental health problems are promoted by alcohol. Alcohol is a depressant which can cause imbalances in your delicate chemicals that your brain depends on. This can affect your thought process, feelings, and actions and sometimes even long term mental health. Mental health problems are a serious thing and having a family history of mental health and drinking alcohol will only increase your chances of getting this disease. That relaxing feeling one might feel after the first drink is a chemical shift taking place. Most people say alcohol causes them to be more confident and make them less nervous this is because it causes your brain to suppress the inhibition side of your brain. It doesn't matter which emotion you felt when you first started drinking as soon as you start drinking more it can cause you to have a major mood swing to be angry, upset and even cause you to be violent. If you turn to alcohol when you are feeling anxious or stressed it can cause you to be more upset then before. This might make you feel better at first but in the long term this can cause depression, and stronger anxiety attacks. This is because alcohol weakens neurotransmitters which cause they brain to be happy and think rationally. This is can cause you to miss a lot of things taking place around you. It will make you see things that will make you angry even if whats happening didn't actually happen. Suicide is also promoted when one is under the influence. There have been studies in Scotland where more then half the people who came in that self harmed said they had drank before or during the incident. Also when you drink a lot it can cause you to have memory loss. When drinking heavy amounts it ends up slowing down your brain activity. After awhile the brain stops storing things in the "memory store" in your brain. Even on days you don't consume alcohol your brain starts forgetting what you did yesterday this is not a good sign as it shows you have done long term damage to your brain cells.
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Diseases and Quitting

Cardiomyopathy, is a disease when the heart muscle is abnormal. This means the heart can have difficulty pumping blood all around the body and can later lead to heart failure. Alcohol hepatitis is caused when the liver is inflamed. This occurs when one drinks a lot of alcohol regularly and takes in large amounts at once. One way to avoid this is to quit drinking all together all there are many ways to achieve this. One being set a goal for yourself on how much you should be allowed to drink make sure to set restrictions. Tell your family what you are doing and get there support and allow them to help you. If you are experiencing alcohol dependency you should consult your doctor as they can find real help for you at a facility. Reducing intake will show you an almost immediate change. It will make your skin nicer, you will be able to think clearly and you won't be constantly forgetting things. If you do go from drinking a lot to a bare minimum you most likely will experience with drawls. Such as psychological symptoms which consist of being irritated often, short term memory loss, feeling shaky, hard to concentrate, and feeling tired.

Alcohol in depth

Alcohol can add up to be very expensive if you are a frequent drinker. Alcohol is a dangerous and addictive drug is causes a lot of people to go into debt. Alcohol is one of the most damaging, expensive and harmful drugs. It has said to be more addicting than drugs like cocaine and heroin. This drug is easy to get to you can buy it almost anywhere and even underage kids have easy access to it. It's one of the most popular drugs out there yet people don't understand just how harmful it can be. It doesn't just cause damage in one place in the body it affects you in so many places. Most heavy drinkers end up in the hospital sometime in there life. This drug can cause death, painful surgeries and can be very expensive. There is a lot of evidence to back this up as most liver patients are heavy drinkers who cause themselves harm. Many homeless people instead of buying food with the money they collect they buy drugs such as alcohol. This drug causes around 88,000 deaths a year and almost 2.5 million potential deaths. This drugs is very toxic yet people drink it spend money, and risk their long time and short term life.

Alcohol Abuse

It's very easy to cross the line from being a social drinker to being a regular drinker. If you are drinking to avoid personal life or to forget about certain things in life it has a more dangerous impact on you. The first step to recovery is yourself knowing that you have a problem. In order to get help you need to yourself know that you have a problem. Alcohol abuse can be triggered by how you were brought up, the environment around you, even the genetics you carry can cause this. Since a lot of people now a days drink so much it is hard to tell who has a problem and who doesn't. There is a difference between those who are alcoholics and who abuse alcohol. Those who abuse it do it to get away from personal problems and not to drink to drink. There are common symptoms one can experience when going through this. Neglecting your responsibilities at home, at work or even school. Using alcohol in places where there is physical danger. Experiencing legal problems on account of your drinking. Continuing to drink even though its affecting your relationships. Drinking as a way to de-stress or relax after a long day of work.
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Alcohol being banned in Canada would cause the government to lose a lot of money. Not even in just Canada anywhere in the world the banning would insure the government will lose money as they make a lot of profit from here. They have been making money from alcohol since the prohibition. They tried stopping people from drinking once as it didn't work. They still found a way to smuggle alcohol into the country. So why not sell it legally and make profit from it as so many people drink. Now a days its hard to find someone overage and not drinking. Most teenagers drink even when they are not legal. Alcohol consumption is a serious matter. The population would benefit from alcohol being banned. It would cause less deaths and make the people healthier. Trying to reduce alcohol intake will not only benefit but allow people to live longer. Alcohol should be taken as a serious drug and it should be removed instead of being promoted. Alcohol is shown as a good thing that if you do it, it means that you are cool. They don't tell you about the health risks when buying a bottle even though they should. The only reason alcohol is not banned is because it would cause the government a great lose.