Mrs. Schettone's News

November 30th-December 4th

Star Sailor Krishav!

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We had a great time learning about our Star Sailor, Krishav, this week! Take a look at all the great things we learned about him!
  • On Monday, Krishav shared his All About Me Poster! We learned that his favorite animal is a donkey and that his favorite place is Disneyworld!
  • On Tuesday, Krishav shared his favorite book, "Batman Meets the Superheroes!"
  • On Wednesday, Krishav shared his favorite song, "Sugar by Maroon 5"! We had a great time jammin' to this song at the end of the day!
  • On Thursday, Krishav shared his favorite snack with the class, cookies and string cheese!
  • On Friday, we made a special book for our Star Sailor!!

We had a great time learning about you Krishav!

What did we learn about this week??

This week in Language Arts...
  • Students learned about the letter W! We learned the sound it makes and we also learned how to write its upper and lowercase letters! We read "My W Book" and "Worm's Wagon" and we made a list of W words on our big Wagon Wheel! Students practiced writing the letter W in their handwriting book, they completed a W exploratory sheet, they practiced writing W in their journals, and they also completed a W writing for their portfolio!
  • Students learned about the letter X! We learned the sound it makes and we also learned how to write its upper and lowercase letters! We read "My X Book" and "X-Ray Fish Wants An Xylophone" and we made a list of X words on our big X-Ray! Students practiced writing the letter X in their handwriting book, they completed an X exploratory sheet, and they also completed a X writing for their portfolio!
  • We read the concept book, "Animal Homes" and learned about places where animals sleep and live during the winter season! Students then completed a four square illustrating the home of a bat, owl, deer, and one other animal of their choice. Afterwards, students completed a writing where they wrote, "A _______________ lives in a ________________." for each of the four animals that they illustrated along with their homes. These writings are hanging in our classroom, please be sure to check them out!!
  • We read the big book "A Bed for the Winter" and sequenced the animals that we read about and where they lived. We also learned six new amazing words!
  • We completed our winter writing! Students were assigned one topic to write about out of four possible topics! Our topics included "How to Make a Snowman", "My favorite Winter Activity", "If I were a snowman, I would _______ at night", "If I were a __________, I would sleep __________ in the winter." Students did a fantastic job!! Along with our winter writing, students also created winter scene snowglobes! Our writings and snowglobes will be displayed on our back bulletin board in our classroom this week!
  • We had reading groups and literacy centers!

This week in Math...

  • We reviewed counting by tens to 100, counting by ones to 100, and reading/recognizing/showing numbers 11 to 20!
  • We took our Chapter 3 Math Test!
  • We completed a domino counting activity in our math journals!
  • We were introduced to Chapter 4 and learned our new math vocabulary!
  • We completed Lesson 1 of Chapter 4 and learned how to make 4 and 5 using different numbers!

This week in Social Studies/Science..

  • We learned about The Four Seasons!
  • We read many books about the season of Winter
  • We watched Brainpop Videos and United Streaming Videos about All Four Seasons
  • We read the book "Why Do Leaves Change Color" and then we made a four square showing the change in trees over the seasons. Students used construction paper squares to collage the trees into their appropriate colors! For Winter, students left the tree bare. For Spring, students glued down green squares for leaves. For Summer, students glued down green squares for leaves and pink squares for flower blossoms. Finally, for fall, students glued down red, yellow, and orange squares.
  • Students completed a writing sharing what their favorite season is and why. Students then illustrated them doing what they love during that specific season!

Happy National Dice Day!

We celebrated National Dice Day on Friday! Students were given two dice. Students had to roll the dice and count the total number of dots on both dice! Students then colored in that number on our penguin color by number!

Happy National Cookie Day!

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Students enjoyed a cookie for snack on Friday to celebrate National Cookie Day!

Happy Birthday Elliott!

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This week in Language Arts...
  • Letters: X and Y
  • Sight Words: he and for
  • Concept Book: In the Garden
  • Big Book: Jack and the Beanstalk
  • Comprehension Skill: Realism vs. Fantasy
  • Grammar/Phonics: Beginning, Middle, and Ending Sounds

This week in Math...

  • Students will continue with Chapter 4 (Composing and Decomposing Numbers to 10)!
  • Students will complete two math journal activities
  • Students will rotate through math centers!

This week in Social Studies/Science...

  • Students will learn about weather!
  • Students will learn about different types of weather, types of clouds, weather tools, and revisit the four seasons!
  • Students will complete two experiments!
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  • Polar Express Night is Wednesday, December 9th from 5:30-7:00pm! Students can come dressed in their pajamas! Dinner will be from 5:30-6:00! Students and parents will rotate through three classrooms from 6:00-6:45 where they will have a special snack and create two special crafts. Finally from 6:45-7, students will have a special visitor in the gym!
  • Friday, December 18th is 3rd Grade Spirit Day and National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day! Students can dress down AND dress up in their most festive Holiday Shirts!
  • Our Winter Concert is Tuesday, December 22nd at 6:30pm! All students are due back to our classroom by 6pm!
  • Our School Wide Cookie Decorating Party will be Wednesday, December 23rd! Students may wear PJs today! If you are willing to donate an item to the party, please click on the following link ! All items may be brought in on Tuesday, December 22nd! Thank you!!!
  • Our Holiday Break runs from December 24th until January 3rd! There will be No School! Happy Holidays and have fun!