Christopher Columbus

By: Kathryn Salort

Why did Columbus set sail on his journey?

Chrisopher Columbus first set sail to find a new way to get to Asia, but each time he discovered new parts of the Americas. Christopher Columbus' journeys started centuries of trans-Atlantic conquest and colonization. He also set sail to the west to find riches.

What were the issues Columbus and his crue had on there way there?

The issues he encountered are...

- Harsh Weather

- Violent People

- Lack of food and water

- Dehydration

What controversies are there about Columbus?

Most of the controversy was that Columbus did not actually discover America, but he said he did. Columbus was also a terrible person who was portrayed as a hero. Columbus killed half a million natives and torched people just because he had that type of power and authority. He was a terrible man who did very bad things that people did not agree with and did not like.

What did Columbus do that was smart?

Smart thind that Christopher Columbus did are...

- He believed that the earth was round

- He did not let the royals know the Americas were here

- He sailed west to get to the east

What did he do that was dumb?

Dumb things that Christopher Columbus did...

- He cut off peoples hands for not paying taxes

- He used the Native Americans as slaves

- He took credit for finding America and a lot of other stuff