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Weekly updates on what's happening in EdTech: 30 Oct 2017

Embedding code in itslearning

A recent change made by itslearning means that users must now use the embed button (instead of the Source button) to embed code into rich text boxes in itslearning. Check the image below to see what the icon looks like.
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Keeping tests secure in SchoolCity

If you are using SchoolCity to give tests or quizzes to students, you'll want to know how to keep students from being able to see their scores or answers after they are done.

  • Paper/Pencil AKO: You will need to check the box next to the name of the test and then select the option to Embargo Scores - Students only. This will keep students from seeing any information about their assessment.
  • Online Assessment: In the Online Options setting, be sure to leave the box unchecked for showing item details in the student portal. This will still show students their score, so you will need to follow the instructions to embargo scores if you do not want them to see their grade.

Google Slides gets add-ons!

Until recently, Google Slides had been left out of the Add-on love. But no more! Just a few weeks ago, Google released updates that included Add-ons for Slides! Because it's brand new, there aren't a ton yet. But there ARE a few really great awesome ones that you might want to check out! My faves so far? Pear Deck and Unsplash!

Take a look at this guest post on Alice Keeler's blog talking about the Pear Deck add-on or watch the video below!