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Quick Options for Fast Finishers

One of the challenges our gifted and advanced learners face is the need to engage in something new beyond the regular completed assignment. This newsletter has activity ideas that range from short to long term.

Interest Inquiry/Passion Project

Research shows if we capture students' interest, we can achieve genuine engagement. What better way to harness this powerful tool, than through interest based projects that students can jump into anytime they have time.

These Elementary and Secondary timelines can be easily modified/adjusted as needed, skipping right into research with a fascinating topic of student's choice.

Big picture

Done...Now What?

Digital MakerSpace

Creativity without the clean up!

GATE Games

Online enrichment games to elevate critical/creative thinking, and deductive reasoning.

Need help?

Is your team or department looking for new ideas to engage students in your curriculum? Would you like to add creative and critical thinking activities to your lessons? Do your GATE and high achieving students need more? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, click the bookings button below and schedule a time for me to "zoom in" and assist you.