Decisions! Deisions! Decide!

The six-step decision making process

Decisions here. Decisions there. Decisions are literally everywhere! When you are deciding if you will get a rose or a lily. When you are deciding if you should get food at Wendy’s or McDonald’s. It’s is the same, you chose one of the other. I choose to write about only one of the many decisions I made one day. It was about the cold dessert, ice cream. I made the decision by using the six-step decision making process, DECIDE.

Defining and estimating

The first step is to define, I defined that I was going to get ice cream and these were the options I narrowed it down to. I chose between Homemade: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Private Selection: California Lemon Grove Sorbet. The second step is estimate resources available. The resources are: Transportation, a $4 budget, the advice from an adult, and a grocery store near by.

Considering and gathering

The third step is to consider the alternatives. The alternatives is either get California Lemon Grove Sorbet from Private Selection or Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough from Homemade. The forth step is gathering information. The Private Selection sorbet cost was $1.25 while the more expensive Homemade ice cream cost was $1.79. Both were on sale, and the Homemade ice cream was a better deal then the Private Selection sorbet at their original prices. Both were one pint in size.

Deciding and Evaluating

The fifth step is to decide. I choose the Private Selection instead of the Homemade ice cream because it was cheaper and I like lemon sorbet better as a flavor. The last step is evaluate your decision. I made a good choice because when I tried it, it was delicious. Had a good quantity and was different then ice cream I usually have.


Now I know why so many people use the six-step decision making process. It helps you use every little detail to decide which option you should choose. The next time you are making a decision, and you want to use your money wisely, then I would highly recommend this process on your decision. You will be glad you did.