Norfolk junior High

shelby J

favorite app

My favorite app is flow free. I like how you can connect the dots and as you get to a new section you get more dots. It works your brain’s creativity really good. It makes your mind more creative.

favorite movie

Movie title:Finding Nemo

Actors: Albert Brooks: marlin, Ellen Degeners: Dory,Alexander Gould: Nemo

Marlin tells Nemo not to touch the boat, but he doesn't listen and then a scuba diver caught Nemo in a net and took him away. Nemo gets away from the divers and then he gets in a tank. Marlin met a fish named Dory and they go on an adventure to find Nemo. After they spend a long time on an adventure, they finally find Nemo and they return home safely.

Year take place:2005

Lesson: listen to your parents


nursery rhyme

Farm animals have been acting very odd this week. First, a cow jumped at the moon and a little dog screamed and a spoon ran away with ice cream. Second, a fiddle was with a cat and why would cows eat a moon? Why would a fiddle be with a cat? Why would the moon let the cow eat it?

Why would a spoon run away with ice cream? Why would the ice cream let the spoon run away with it?

feature story

I know what you are thinking. Why make an article on Taylor Swift? Like, really, doesn’t everybody know everything about her. I made this because some people might not know about Taylor Swift and might want to know some things about her.

First of all, Taylor visits cancer patients fighting cancer and she gives them goodies and takes pictures with them. She gives them hope and prays for all of them, even if she hasn’t seen them or met them.

Second of all, Taylor is a country singer and she has won four grammy awards and she began writing songs at the age of 12. She is not a jealous type. Her songs usually tell a story.

She is a fan of Rihanna. Taylor is a big fan of Britney Spears and has a poster of her in her room. Her mother, Andrea Swift, is an opera singer.Taylor’s brother is a photographer. She taught herself how to play guitar. She doesn’t have a tattoo, but she just really loves her sharpie.

Third of all,Taylor is not married, but she is planning on finding the right man and getting married. She doesn’t get to see her family very often because she doesn’t really have time to take a break and see family. Taylor is a very good country singer, and she is probably one of my favorite country singers.

Now you know some facts about Taylor Swift, so you can maybe look up to her or try to be a singer or you can find more out about her if you want to

Argument for year-round schooling

I am against year-round schooling because the kids would get sick of the lunches if we had year round schooling. I am against year-round schooling because the kids would feel like they are being kept against their will if we had year-round schooling. I am against year-round schooling because the kids wouldn’t be able to sleep in anymore if we had year round schooling. I am against year-round schooling because the kids would get sick of hearing the teachers talk all of the time. I am against year-round schooling because the kids wouldn't be able to have very many sports available if we had year-round schooling. I am against year- round schooling because the kids and their families wouldn't be able to go on vacations if we had year-round schooling.

Big puffy rabbit squirrel

Once Upon a time there was big puffy rabbit squirrel that came to attack, but there was french fries in the way, so they ate all of the french fries and continued to attack. Then they attacked me and my friend because we were dressed like shark face. And then we found more french fries and gave them to the puffy squirrels and then left.Then they lived happily ever after off of french fries
Finding Nemo - Trailer

What is your favorite class?

math 30%

Physical Education 28%

English 20%

Science 15%

Social Studies 15%