Newsletter Week 5 Term 3

Newsletter 24 - Week 5 Term 3, 25 August 2021

Principal's Message

Kia ora te whanau

We can no longer call going into lockdown “unprecedented times” as we experienced this for the first time last year. Staff were prepared this time and had made preparations some time ago for this eventuality. You might remember that we surveyed you all after the last lockdown to get a gauge on what worked well with Home Learning for families and what we could improve on. We took the feedback into consideration when we planned the Home Learning this time. I hope we have struck the right balance of learning for your child and you having space to relax at home with your family. Remember just do as much as your child can cope with. We are not going to judge families on the amount of work your child is doing during this time.

I have had some wonderful feedback from teachers on how students are engaging in their daily meetups. I was able to join a few classes today. It is also great to read what students are doing via their Educa posts. Our children, and you as parents supporting your children, are doing an amazing job. Many of you are juggling working from home, home learning, toddlers, and the normal day-to-day running of the household. A huge thank you to you as parents.

To repeat reminders from yesterday’s update:

There is a lot we can all do to protect our whānau and community from COVID-19 including:

· Everyone must continue to stay home in their bubble

· Do not mix with other household bubbles – if they have COVID-19, it can easily spread to your household, and every other household they and you are connecting with

· Wash your hands regularly, especially when you have been out in public

· Stay home if you are feeling unwell and seek advice about whether you need to get a test

· Wear a face covering when out and about, and you MUST wear a face covering in any businesses or services which are open at Alert Level 4 (unless you have specifically been exempted from doing so, which includes anyone aged under 12)

· Keep a two-metre distance from people outside your household bubble

· Check-in using the NZ COVID Tracer App wherever you go or keep a manual record (a reminder the App only stores information on your own phone – no one else will know who it is that checked in, or when)

Finally, we know some families in our community may be finding it difficult to access food and essential items such as medicine. This information about how to access food or essential items summarises the support that is available, including financial help to buy food.

Please do take care and let us know how we can best support you and your whānau.

Ngā mihi

David Macmillan


Thanks to all those who completed our two surveys.

We have some $50 New World Vouchers to give to some lucky, randomly selected respondents. These vouchers will be issued once we are all back at school.

Congratulations to winners for the Health and PE survey -

Respondents number 37 = Michelle Portland

Respondent number 58 = Sara Mines

Congratulations to winners for the Communication Survey

Respondents number 19 = Diana (we will phone you)

Respondent number 90 = Mangakahia Coffey

Message from DRS Bernie Hall

A prayer during the coronavirus pandemic:

We pray for your love and compassion to abound

as we walk through this challenging season.

We ask for wisdom for those who bear the load

of making decisions with widespread consequences.

We pray for those who are suffering from sickness

and all who are caring for them.

As we exercise the good sense that you in your mercy provide,

may we also approach each day in faith and peace,

trusting in the truth of your goodness towards us.

A Prayer for the People of Afghanistan.

Lord, we lift up the people of Afghanistan to you right now. We pray that you would take hold of them and help them walk through this fearful time. Protect them under your wing and help them feel the comfort and peace that only comes from your powerful presence.


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PB4L is a Ministry of Education initiative that was developed to help NZ schools build a culture where positive behaviour and learning is a way of life. A key part of this for our school is having our school values at the very heart of the way we live and learn at St Mary's.

Here are some fabulous ideas for wellness during lockdown.

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Upcoming School Events

  • Friday 10 September 2021 Grandparents Mass is the date allocated but we will need to see what happens re Covid Levels.

  • Wednesday 15 Sept currently the new date for Junior Tough Guy and Gal event

    Friday 12 November Teacher Only Day

  • Sports News

    There will be no sports until we're at Level 2 and no sports events unless we're at Level 1.

    The Primary Schools Gymsport Festival for Term 3 has been cancelled. This had been scheduled for 3rd September.

    Special Mentions

    We love celebrating your child's successes outside of school, please share them with us. Email a small blurb & photo (optional) to Whaea Leanne at by 12pm Tuesdays for the following days newsletter.