RTI - Flower Mound HS

January 4, 2016


  • Integrates assessment and intervention within a multi‐level prevention system to maximize student achievement and reduce behavior problems.

  • Use data to identify students at risk for poor learning outcomes, monitor student progress, provide evidence‐based interventions and adjust the intensity and nature of those interventions depending on a student’s responsiveness, and identify students with learning disabilities or other disabilities.

  • The four essential components of an RTI framework are

    • screening

    • progress monitoring

    • multi-level or multi-tier prevention system

    • data-based decision making.

Do You Have a Student Who Needs to be Referred?

  • Look over the RTI Checklist to see if your student exhibits signs of needing to be referred
  • If you feel a student needs to be referred, fill out the following Google Form. Please be as detailed as possible.
  • An email will automatically go to Mrs. Wood and Mr. Brown notifying them that a referral has been made.

RTI Strategies Page

All students who are on RTI have a strategies page (much like an accommodations page for 504 or Special Education), What should you do with this page?

  • Please make sure you look over this page to understand what exactly your student needs
  • Place this page in your Special Programs Binder
  • Refer to this page when giving teacher input (discussed below)

Collecting Data

If you have a student who has been referred to RTI, you will receive an email every 3 weeks to give input on that students IF:

  • the student has been referred for emotional/behavioral reasons
  • the student has academic needs and is making below a 75 in your class


  • If you receive an email for teacher input, you MUST fill this out within 48 hours!
  • This information is used to assess whether the interventions for that student are working.
  • If Interventions are not working, we will need to add interventions and a new interventions page will be distributed to applicable teachers.
  • If you have contacted parents regarding progress, please keep documentation of that discussion for data purposes.

What happens next?

  • If strategies are not working, we might need to tweak or add strategies.
  • If any strategies change, all applicable teachers will receive a new RTI strategies page for that student.
  • If after adding more strategies, the student might need to move to Tier 2/Tier 3 Strategies
  • If after trying all that we can, student might be referred to Special Education.