Media literacy project: Kyle

Kalyn Harmening

Personality Traits

Athletic: "That's cause you're out of shape," Kyle said." "Next to me, Kyle dried his hair, then stuffed his towel in his locker on top of his gym clothes, where it could start the process of putrification. "I told you that would be great," (This was after they had their workout) Pg36

Bravery: "...Kyle sprinted ahead and knocked the guy's books out from under his arm." "The guys stared at him for a moment. Kyle stared back. Then the guy snatched his books from the floor and walked off." Pg20

Confident: ""Like we have a chance with them," Patrick said. "I heard the seniors snag all the hot girls." "Not when I'm around." Kyle slicked his hair back with his right hand, then made a fist and flexed his biceps. "Girls melt when i get near them." Pg3

Funny: ""What's t.p.?" I asked "Toilet paper," Kyle said, "if you don't know that, you'd better run home and change your underwear." "Tech prep," Patrick said." pg20

Non erudite: "Yeah, this place is like a tesseract," I said. Three pair of eyes stared at me. "You know. A tesseract. From A Wrinkle in Time."" "You're such a mutant," Kyle said." Pgs19 & 20

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Symbol: The spiral nail

Strong, Non-basic.. but you can't just hammer it down. It has to be screwed down, which represents Kyle by his immunity of getting beat up by seniors .
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Kyle joined the wrestling team in his freshman year. He has made friends by wrestling as well.
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Broken nose

Kyle looked tough when people see his crooked nose, but he didn't get it from a fight. He broke it by falling, and it healed crooked.
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He has been known to speak up for innocent people. Like when he stood up for Scott against a bully when his stuff was knocked down on "accident"
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Social skills

Kyle isn't shy to talk to anyone. He also tries to convince Scott to be more socisl with his friends instead of reading a book all day

Kyle's future prediction

I honestly think he'll be some sort of jock/athlete. He's good at lots of sports and desires interest in them more than anything academic.