Crazy Wedding

By: Makayla Thompson

Summer Fun!

This summer I went to my first wedding it was my grandparent they were getting married they have been together for about 3 or 4 years so everyone was like finally you decided to tie the knot. The downside to this was my grandparents live in Minnesota so we would have to drive all the way they're its about a 4 hour drive. We decided to leave at night cause my 4 years little sister is a nightmare in the car so we left at night so she could sleep trough the drive. During the drive we stopped at a gas stations getting snacks and drinks for the road trip the cars windshield was dirty so my dad got some mini paper towel. It turned out to be toilet paper since mini paper towels doesn't exist me and my mom thought it was funny. After lots of laughs about my dad thinking mini paper towel was actually a thing we arrived at our grandparents parents houses it was around 2:00 am. I was so tired so when my grandparent showed me where I was staying I hoped into my bed and pass out . We had to get up early so we could eat breakfast and get ready for the wedding my grandma had to get her hair done and makeup so while we were waiting for her to get ready me and my mom went shopping!. Finally when it hit 3:20 we headed off where the wedding was supposed to be it was in someone's backyard I know weird but they had this big yard and it was so pretty with flowers everywhere. The people that lived they're run a business where people can rent out they're backyards for weddings. The bummer was it was 90 degrees out and everyone one was sweating and hot I really felt sorry for my dad he was wearing jeans and a long sleeve shirt while me, mom and little sister were wearing dresses. The ceremony lasted about 30 minutes and all I could think about was how hot it was and I couldn't wait to go to the church and have the party and have some snacks since after the party we were going to have dinner with our grandparents. That night me, mom, dad and my little sister had to head back home it was really sad I was really having fun they're and didn't want to leave but we had to since my sister wouldn't do good in the car during the day. I had so much fun going to my first wedding and I cant wait to go to my next one.

Look at Me!

The Science of it...

Car Engine

The purpose of the engine is to convert gasoline into motions so you're car can move. The easiest way to create motion is to burn gasoline in a engine. They're are many different types of engines the one in you're car is called internal combustible engine. The car engine is built of cooking pots in others words cylinders it's where the fuel burns typically they're is a set of four, six, or eight. The cylinders are made of super strong metal which open and close like a bicycle, on top of each cylinder they're are pistons that can slide up and down. The Inet value allows fuel and air to enter the cylinder. The cylinder also has a sparking plug which can electrically control a device which makes a spark to set a fire to the fuel. At the bottom of the cylinder is a piston attracted to it is a constantly turning axle which is called a crankshaft. The crank powers the gearbox which turns the drivers which is making the car move.

The Science of it....


They're are 4 parts to a flower full growth the first one is germination it is not only the first but also the most critical stage. Each flower needs a certain amount a food, temperature, sunlight and water. It's also important not to iced water your plant. It can lead to damping off its caused by the fungi in the soil. The next stage of a flowers growth is pre - flowering growth stage. The buds in the flower form they are develop pollen. Plants know they're flowering season by responding by the temperature and how much sunlight they get. Sometimes gardener can rush this process by using the technique forcing or vernalization. They put a flower in lower temperature then idle or they put the flowers in lower then idle sunlight it encourages the flower to grow earlier in the season. The third stage in a flower growth is pollination a future plant genetic makeup is created in the pollination stage. During pollination, pollen grains carrying the male sperm is carried by insects or animals to the female part of the flower which connect to the games which connects with the female ovule. This can happen between two plants ( cross pollination) it's can also happen between one plant ( self pollination). Flowers use their shapes, beautiful color, scent and nectar to attracted creatures to pollinate with. The last stage of a flowers growth is seed dispersal. Once flowers have faded, they produce seed heads this seeds can be moved by wind, water or birds or other creatures. In you're garden if you have gaps you can encourage self seeding flowers can be a great way to fill those in.

I wonder....

1. Instead of have eight cylinders in a car engine why not just make one big one?

2. If in the future car won't have engines if instead you could plug in a chip or flash drive to have you're car run off of?

3. If in the future scientist could use certain types of flowers to cure cancer or some other diseases?

4. If someday since you can rush the pre - flowering growth stage if you could rush all the stages of a flower and one day you could grow a flower in a couple of days?


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