Sammy Davis Jr.

The beginning of Sammy's career

At the age of three he began his career with his father and Will Mastin as the Will Mastin trio, due to the fact that Sammy's parents had just divorced, and his father wanted to keep him, they toured all over America. He joined military service, but after that re-joined the trio. Sammy became an overnight sensation after performing at at Circo's (a nightclub in West Hollywood) after the 1951 Academy Awards. With the trio, he became a recording artist and would later put out many songs.

Sammy's career

Sammy was mainly a dancer and singer, he was also an actor on stage and in movies He was also a musician, and impressionist, famous for his impersonations of actors, musicians and other celebrities. In 1964, he was starring in Golden boy at night and recording his own afternoon talk show during the day. When he could get a day off from the theater, he would be recording new songs in the studio, or performing live, often at charity benefits as far away as Miami, Chicago, and Las Vegas. Sammy had over 30 songs put out, including the popular songs The Candy Man, I've Gotta Be Me.

Other facts

Sammy was married 3 times in his life, first to Altovise Davis (1970–1990), then May Britt (1960–1968), and lastly Loray White (1958–1959). He had 4 children, Jeff Davis, Tracey Davis, Mark Davis, and Manny Davis. He passed away May 16, 1990 in California.