Internet Safety

Learn how to be safe on the internet


When online you are not always safe so you need to take extra care . Some sites are not always what they seem to be and could be dodgy. Many people could see you personal details on these websites such as Facebook, Twitter, My Space and many more so always be careful.

Do's and Don'ts

DON'T tell anyone information that is very personal to you even if it is just your phone number to your best friend online you can tell them it when you next see them.

DO be safe when online

DON'T share where you are going even if it is just to McDonald down the road.

DO tell anyone if you find or see something or someone suspicious online.

DON'T share where you live online

DO set privacy settings that are comfortable to you

Some of the top social networks...

What to do if you see something suspicious online...

If you see something suspicious online such as them stalking you online or sending messages you are uncomfortable with then log out of your account and chat to your parents or carers they will help you or contact Child Helpline for advise.


Remember to be safe online and DON'T share any personal or family information online!
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