News From Room #152

Mrs. Swain's 4th Grade Class

Sports & Shades Day

Tuesday, April 12th, 9am-3:30pm

811 West 60th Street

Anderson, IN

Erskine Kids Help Kids Impacted by the Flint, MI Water Crisis!

Pay $1 to wear sport themed clothes or sunglasses. Money raised will be used to provide Flint children with the vitamins/fresh fruits that their bodies need due to lead poisoning.

Spring Pictures

Wednesday, April 13th, 9am-3pm

811 West 60th Street

Anderson, IN

Lifetouch picture flyer went home last week.

Smart Steps: Body Safety Program

Thursday, April 14th, 10-10:30am

811 West 60th Street

Anderson, IN

Children will learn about body safety from a certified presenter.

Ready to Learn: Weekly video for your kiddo

Growth Mindset for students - Episode 2/5

Homework due on FRIDAY!

Each night your child will have social studies reading homework. I will send home a Social Studies Newspaper at the beginning of each week. Your child must read certain articles Monday through Thursday and answer a few questions every night. Your child will turn in his/her homework on Friday. If your child wants to try the 'extra credit' on the HW then he/she also has to include the social studies paper with the homework.In addition to this reading, your child will have spelling words to practice each week. He/she must also know his/her multiplication facts 0-12. Please work on the facts that are needed either through flash cards, websites, oral practice, etc.


I have started entering Grades in PowerSchool (link below). Please check your child's grades. He or she should not have any missing assignments. If your child has missing assignments then he/she is not using class-time wisely. If you have lost your parent access information, you can contact the main office and request your parent PowerSchool login information.

- What We're Learning In Class -

English Language Arts/Reading

Our reading groups are well under way. This week we start our lessons in fluency and close reading. Each kiddo will be part of a play; we are doing three different plays in our classroom. Your child will read from a script and practice using expression. We will ACT for the class on Friday.

Please make sure that your children are reading every day at home. My boys like to read for 15-20 minutes before they turn their lights out at bedtime. It doesn't have to be a chapter book-- magazines, non-fiction books, or any other type of print is awesome and builds reading muscles!

Reading with Expression
Power of Reading with Expression

Science and Social Studies

This week we are finishing up our jigsaw activity about 20th century Indiana. Each group had to present their most important facts to the class. On Monday, our last two groups will present.

* We will also continue with our science and social studies newspapers. The topics we will discuss are Force, Matter and Motion (physical science) and Industrial Indiana.

Indiana Bicentennial Minute 08
Ounces (oz), Pounds (lbs), and Tons Song: Weights and Measurements For Kids


* Solving multi-step number problems involving fractions

* Identifying and creating patterns

* Converting pounds to ounces

* This week hands-on station is a game called Fishing for Fractions.