Fabulous First Grade in Rm. G3

Weekly News About 1st Grade in Mrs. Takeshita's Class

No homework?

Because this is the last full week of school, there will be no more "official" homework. However, I want to urge everyone to continue to have your child do some form of home "fun" to prevent what is know as the Summer Slide (where kids lose some of their learning over the summer). One easy way to keep your child learning is to keep your child reading, doing Compass Learning and Typing Agent. In addition, there are SO many fun learning apps out there if you just browse your app store that can keep your child learning in fun ways!

Bring Backpacks!

Even though there isn't any "official" homework for the remainder of the year, I would like your child to bring backpacks to school each day to take home a few items so it isn't so much the last couple of days of school. Please help your child each evening and empty their backpacks so that they are able to carry new items each day. THANK YOU!

Town on Monday, June 6!

Last week, a green informational sheet came home about Town. On it were one or two items that your child volunteered to bring for their shop in our Town simulation. These items are supposed to be brought in by Tuesday, May 31 so students can start manufacturing their items needed for their shop. If you are pulling these items together for them, we will need them by 1:00 on Tuesday so they can spend the rest of the week getting their stores ready. Thank you for all your help!

Town will be held on June 6 from 12:15-2:15. While we may need a few parent helpers, this event is really for the kids to be "in charge." If you would like to observe what "Town" is, please stop by, but we would rather your child not stop to walk around with you. We want the students to stay focused on running their stores or being consumers and visiting different stores.

I will give parents more details as we get closer to June 6.

Breakfast and Board Games on Tuesday, June 7

We will be doing breakfast and board games on June 7. No electronic games or pajamas please. We did a board game day earlier in the year and just like last time, your child needs to bring a game that he/she can play independently and teach to others. The room moms may be contacting parents in another email on any donated items and set-up.

Thank you again for your help with this event!

Playing in the Park on Wednesday, June 8

On June 8, we will be walking to the park and spending 9:30-10:50 celebrating our classroom community with our other first grade friends in F4 and F5. Some classes are asking classes to send in items to share or money for treats and we really didn't want to ask for parents to send in any more funds. Therefore, I want to encourage all students to make sure to pack a water bottle and a snack for your child (please don't skip snack on this day) since we will be in the park for a longer period of time. I am not sure if students will be allowed to bring in balls or jump ropes, but I will let you know as soon as I talk to my team. Our room moms will be bringing popsicles for students to enjoy. Then we will be returning to school for lunch.

After lunch, we will pack up any remaining school items from our room and helping to clean up so please make sure your child has his/her backpack to take home any items.