Codologie Current Events

April 2019


Our 6th grade classes hosted showcases, where they invited parents and other classes to come see all their hard work. The teams also gave feedback to each other, with a focus on being positive and critical, but NOT negative. Meanwhile, the teacher and Bytes & Bots mentors worked together to narrow their ~10 teams to about 5 in preparation for preliminary judging the following week.

Preliminary Judging

The week after showcases, the top 5 teams from each class presented to a panel of judges, made up of much-appreciated AESD employees. The decision was VERY difficult in many cases, but the judges chose a Finalist and Runner-Up from each class. The finalists (16 teams in all) will move forward to compete at Play Code Compete on Saturday, May 18.

While teams presented, the rest of the students filled out feedback forms to help them stay engaged and to help whichever team moves forward to make their project even better.

What's Next?

Although finalists will have the opportunity to polish up their projects based on judge and student feedback, most students will be leaving their projects behind and learning some new Python! Testing schedules make this part of the year difficult, so mentors have planned a variety of one-day lessons, such as making a "Rock, Paper, Scissors" program (it's harder than it may sound - lots of If/Else logic!), designing 3D objects with TinkerCAD, graphic design with Turtle, and so on. Of course, our multi-track school, Ponderosa, will continue to have showcases and judging into May.

And of course, our big event, Play Code Compete, is Saturday, May 18!

Big picture

Written by Heather Boling

Heather is AESD's Bytes & Bots Digital Learning Coach. This month, she has been finding judges for Play Code Compete and preparing many details to be ready for the big day. She also visited as many showcases and judging events as possible, sometimes jumping in to judge herself. In addition, she has been assisting in delivering instruction for Scratch and eSports and has been coaching staff on a variety of topics.