The New Hovr Car

The Car of the Future hitting the market in 2020

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Has this ever happened to you?

Picture this you are in bumper to bumper traffic and you are late for a meeting how could you possibly get to work in time. The new HOVR Car is the answer to this problem. Now zoom past the rest of the morning commute get to work in but a moment able to go 0-60 mph in but a mere 2.8 seconds.
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How does it work

The hover car works with a newly discovered metal that is light weight and durable called Nokium. This light weight metal allows our patented hover plates to pick your car up from the ground up to twenty feet.

What we need from you.

Now to start this business I will need your help I will need $10,000 to start this business most of that will be to get the resources for the car, to buy the robots needed to produce this machine, and also some for marketing. For all this you will be able to get 33 percent of this business.