Doug Hoo

Westing Game

Westing Game


Sunday, Aug. 27th 1978 at 3:30 pm


Westing town, in Samuel W. Westings mansion

Chariots of fire

Chariots of fire is the theme song that I chose because its about a group of olympic runners.
Chariots of Fire Theme • Vangelis


Me as Doug Hoo.

Internal conflict

I think Doug is afraid of dad bossing him around and telling what to do even if Doug does not want to do it.

Key passages

Doug had an idea. "Maybe the murderer injected bee venom in his veins." Otis Amber flung his arms in the air. "Whoever said Sam Westing was allergic to bees?" Doug tried again. "How about snake venom? Or poison? Doctors know lots of poisons that make it look like a heart attacks."

Key passages


But four clues were left out: isto, osit, itso. OTIS! He had it: a formula for an explosive, and the name of the murderer.

Big role play

Doug made a bet "I bet you a doller a minute for you to stay in the westing mansion."

"Make that two dollers a minute," said turtle.