Subject Seven

James A. Moore

What I liked about the book

I like the concept of the book the most. A teenager with an alter-ego escapes a lab and is now running around free. That sounded interesting to me and I had high expectations for it. The plot was a little slow, but when action and things come together the story was interesting. The mystery of Subject is exciting through the story too. He never is really describes a lot, but the information we are given about him makes me want to know more about him. Also towards the end of the book, there was a layer of the story that I did not think about and it was interesting to me.

What I did not like about the book

I did not like how this book was hard, personally, to get into. Usually I like sci-fi books, but this one was not my favorite. The story line was good, but the way the story flowed just through me off and I could not really get into it like I wanted. Also the idea of alter-egos is interesting, but I found it hard to keep up with who was speaking. The character development could have been worked on too. I feel like if the characters were more developed and as a read I knew the clear division of one character and its alter-ego, then it could have been a better book. With the characters, came a lot of dialogue. Dialogue is good, but not for long periods at a time. I would zone in and out during those times. There are some flash backs too, so watch out for those while reading. They can be a little confusing because of how they start and end. I never really knew when one started and when one ended.

Favorite quote

"Down in his cage, Subject Seven lay curled in a tight ball, his body aching from the latest batch of tests....he was much more than human." - Subject Seven

Would I recommend it

I would only recommend this book for someone that is good with keeping up with characters. I did not keep up with them very good and I got confused, but if some one is good with that and likes action then it would be a good book for them.
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