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**Monthly Chat* February 2016**

Kim & Paul Sigston ~ Scentsy Family Independent Star Directors

Welcome to Team Talkin' Scents & More! We are your Upline Star Directors and are here to help you grow your business and cheer you on in your Scentsy Family Business! Please don't hesitate to contact us anytime!

LOVE what you do!

February is all about LOVE!!! LOVE of yourself, LOVE of your family and...hopefully, LOVE of what you do!!! I truly LOVE my "J.O.B."...although it doesn't feel like a job. I think that's one of the beauties of what we do. We get to party, have fun, build relationships and change lives! What could be better than that? I get to be home where I believe I am meant to be and work my business however and whenever I see fit. My hope for each of you is that you LOVE this business as much as I do and that it has blessed you the way it has blessed me...and that you LOVE what you do!!! Happy LOVE month!!! <3 <3 <3
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Welcome to our Talkin' Scents & More Family!

Team Talkin' Scents & More Family: Total Team Members: 41 Total Group Members: 1,636

WELCOME! WELCOME! WELCOME! to our Newest Talkin' Scents & More Team Members who joined us in January 2016!


Although we didn't have any new members join us in January we look forward to those who join us in February!!!

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Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

Happy Birthday to our Fall and January Birthday Peeps!!!

February Birthdays!

February 2nd ~ Erica Brinkerhoff of WInnemucca, NV

February 4th ~ Winter Queen of Winnemucca, NV

February 10th ~ Holly Doyle of Victorville, CA

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Sharing the Scentsy Family Opportunity ~~ Top Sponsors!

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Top Team Sales~Fall!

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Starting this March 1st.... I will pick a consultant on my team once per month who has the BEST Scentsy Spirit! From posting helpful tip, tricks & information. To saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY or HAPPY SCENTSYVERSARY instead of just liking. To liking my post/tips & commenting POSITIVELY!
Winners will be announced at end of each month! A PRIZE will be mailed to you :)
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Yeehaw!!! Scentsy Family Reunion 2016 is going to Nashville!

Tuesday, July 19th, 8:30am to Thursday, July 21st, 11pm

Nashville, TN, United States

Nashville, TN

JOIN US in Nashville for our Annual Scentsy Family Reunion 2016!!! Put this on YOUR calendar NOW and plan on attending! REGISTRATION OPENS APRIL 4th! Keep an eye on the workstation for further SFR Announcements and don't miss out on this INCREDIBLE EVENT!!!

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From the Scentsy Standards on....

Obligations to Customer (Section 3: orders)

"Order placement: Submit all home party orders to Scentsy through your Consultant workstation within five(5) days from the date the order was given to you. Close all basket and online parties within 14 days of opening, and submit all orders from basket and online parties withing five (5) days of closing. Simply put, don't make your Customers wait!"

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1. Order new products when they are are on sale (now).
*Be mindful of ordering only the essentials.
-Wax Testers
-Oil Transition Samples
2. Get these now it is just about time to start getting those scents under other peoples noses.
3. This is a great time to grow your team DON'T forget about Enhanced Starter kits
4. At the end of the month sort and replace your old testers for your new ones. Be ready to party on March 1st.
5. At the end of the month label old catalogs with fun poem telling folks that this is the old catalog but they should contact you for the new latest and greatest Scentsy.
6. Keep your old testers. There are many ways to make money with these testers, many of these may be returning next fall/winter.
7. Expect longer workstation times the closer we get to the end of the month. Please get your orders in early the workstations can be very frustrating and slow at the end of the month (especially that last day).
8. Expect longer ship times for orders placed at that end of the month because of all of those orders being put in.
9. Be sure to reach out personally to customers whose favorite Scents are going away. You do not want to be the blame for them missing out on the opportunity to stock up.
10. Enjoy the journey! Live in the moment. While it is great to prepare for the coming season we still have almost two weeks left in this month. Don't shoot yourself in the foot by advertising the new products too soon.
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