The Disney Effect

By: Kate Pierce

Service Structure

Walt Disney World is the number one family vacation spot in the world, they were able to achieve this because of their remarkable service standards. Disney has four main points of customer service to ensure that each and every guest has a magical stay. These are safety, courtesy, show and capacity. Disney has further broken down the standards for their employees, with the help of the Seven Dwarves. The cast members are to think of the names of the dwarves, Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy, and Dopey, as mnemonic devices to remind them of the proper ways to treat each and every guest. Disney has constructed four service basics based off of the four areas of focus toward cast member behavior. "I project a positive image and energy. I am courteous and respectful to all Guests, including Children. I stay in character and play the part. I go above and beyond." These are the basics for all Cast memebers who work at Disney. Each point is subdivided into smaller amd simple things for the cast members like "smile" and "always look aproachable" but those are the four main catagories.

Service and Design

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge is not focused specifically on a movie. It relates to The Lion King becuase the entire resort is based around Africa. The varius African themed restaraunts such as Jiko, Boma and Sanaa serve themed food and are designed and decorated to look like you have taken a vacation to Africa istead of Orlando. The resort itself is a horshoe shape with the lobby in the middle while the rooms and restaraunts extend outward. There is dim lighting in the resort to provide a feel that suites the theme, and several african items displayed with detailed explainations around the resort. Outside the actual building, there are three savannas where native african animals roam. Inside the lobby they have several televisions that play old Disney cartoons to entertain guests of all ages, becuase who doesnt love the old Dinsey cartoons? These special touches added to the design of the resort make it a very popular place in Walt Disney World.

Throughgout the resort there are varius cast members wearing African clothing and playing instuments native to aftrica. The cast members all do everything they can to make each guest's stay extra magical. They have poolside contests for kids run by life guards to add some extra fun to a day at the pool. Along with the average every day services of cast members all over Disney World, there are parades through the resort where children can grab a bongo and play music for those in the lobby. In addition to the childrens music, there are groups who will come to Boma and sing happy birthay while playing bongos to those that are celebrating. These simple touches are what makes this resort so unique and Disney such a popular place.