Swifty's News November 2021

École James S. McCormick School

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COVID Disruption Grant

Because COVID has caused disruptions to student learning the past two years, the government offered school divisions grant money to put extra teacher support in schools.

We are thrilled to say our school has been given 1.25 teachers to work with students in English and French. The teachers will work directly on helping students get caught up on literacy and numeracy skills.

On November 10 @ 10:45 we will have a Remembrance Day virtual service

with the Royal Canadian Legion members of Lacombe and their guests.

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Brownies, Sparks and Cubs are invited to wear their uniforms that day.

November's Nutritious Snacks!

Friday’s healthy snacks this month include smoothies and mini sandwiches with ham or turkey and lettuce grown right here in our lunch room.

When Mrs. Kohut delivered the snacks to Ms. Cooke's class last Friday and explained the lettuce is grown at school, they were very excited kids that couldn’t wait to try it out!!

How do we run the school-wide nutrition program and the daily breakfast program you ask?

Echo Energy

Echo Energy supports through generous donations

to the breakfast program,

helping us buy food and equipment.

Portfolio Walks are Scheduled for November 22-25

Teachers will be inviting guardians to sign up for conversations by phone or online to discuss student growth over the past three months. In the past we used FreshGrade or Seesaw as our digital portfolio, but this year Wolf Creek Public Schools wanted all schools to use the same program.

We apologize that we haven't had a digital portfolio online all year for parents/guardians to access. We were expecting to have the new digital portfolio program - Schoology - ready in time for this year's portfolio walks. Unfortunately the timing and implementation of this new program has not gone smoothly, so we will not be using it at this time.

Instead, teachers have been working hard to upload the students' assignments onto Google Slides and get them ready to represent growth this year. Please plan to have two devices ready for your conversations with teachers - one to see the Google Slides, and one for talking with the teacher.

We look forward to connecting with our families!

Did you know we have a crew of students who provide community services within the school?

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Rough Play at Recess

We have been hearing of more instances of rough play on the playground that is leading to disagreements, fights, and injuries. A lot of this is being spurred on by video games and TV shows that are popular at the moment.

Because play fighting often leads to injury and/or hurt feelings, it is not allowed on the playgrounds. Please reinforce this with your children by reminding them that playing fighting or acting out rough TV shows (eg., Squid Games) may lead to injury and/or lost recesses.

In case you're like me and didn't know about this show, here is some information from Parents.com.

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Squid Game's Rating: What Age Is Appropriate To Watch?

People's maturity levels vary, even if they are the same age, Dr. Cowan points out. But generally, she says the program is not suitable for anyone under 17 years old. The Child Mind Institute, an independent nonprofit dedicated to children's mental health and learning disorders, wrote an article saying, "no one should watch Squid Game until late adolescence—with or without parents sitting next to them." Common Sense Media says "the level of violence is very intense," "characters are systematically tortured and killed for the sadistic pleasure of a game master," and "there are threats of sexual violence."

If younger children are interested in watching because their friends are, Dr. Cowan says it's another teachable moment. "Parents can talk to their kids about [how] what may be acceptable in one family might not be permitted in another," Dr. Cowan says. Again, she says "I" statements, such as, "I feel worried that you might be too young to watch this show, but I'd like to hear your thoughts on this, too," help in this instance as well.

If teens are going to watch Squid Game, the Child Mind Institute, says "it makes sense to watch with them, to understand what they're seeing and reflect on the content." In the article, David Anderson, Ph.D., the head of School and Community Programs at the Child Mind Institute, says that whether or not parents watch along, they should be talking to their teens about it and focusing on how the content makes them feel.

And though the conversation may be difficult, Dr. Aronian says it's ultimately important to set boundaries. "Kids want limits and to know parents care," she says.

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Social Emotional Learning

The Wolf Creek School Division has hired Andrea Ramage to give lessons on growing social and emotional self-awareness. JSM is one of the lucky schools piloting this new initiative. Pictured above is Ms. Smith's class during a lesson on how bodies reflect what they are feeling.

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Thank You! JSM Community!

$848.00 was raised for the Terry Fox Foundation.

Thank you for all you did to help raise funds.

Swifty got to throw lots of pies!

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Looks like Mrs. Weidner enjoys helping Swifty with those pies!

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What is coming up?

Some special event days will be announced soon, and Mrs. Gustafson is creating a school-based Remembrance Day video and is planning a special virtual Christmas assembly.

Watch for details.

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Ever wonder what goes on in our outdoor classroom?

The best kind of fun, fresh air, cooperative, collaborative, problem-solving kind of play there is!
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There are many ways to know what is happening at JSM!

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