You know


About me

I like to go outside and try new things, i play sports like football,basketball, and other sports. I'm a fun person to be around i like to travel to other places and and go to the mall. I don't like people that think they all that i like people that stay true to thereself and just be who who you are made to be. I like all kind of food i would try anything new just to see if i like it. My favorite subject is math because i love money of course. So that all about me


I think the purpose of makeing this is to see what we can do with other new things. It can help us with our essay. We can write things about us what we did in class or something

6 word memoir

Lovable and nice; always have life

Sun/ Shadow sentence

Sun: I am like a lion because im king of the jungle

Shadow: Inwardly I am like a senate because i have to do what people say

What can and can't do

Well my essay was about me making it and getting a award. My strengths are know my math work, knowing how to play sports, can do things with my right hand, and helping people out. My weaknesses is working on my history and science, playing with my left hand, and listning to people that talk alot. About this assignment i like that we could pick any award we wanted to have and i dislike that we had to put alot of stuff and no help. One thing i would like to change was the prompt