Selling Your Franklin TN Home

Selling Your Franklin TN Home During the Holidays

Thinking of selling your Franklin TN home during the holidays? It may be a better idea than you think. Most sellers think this isn't the best time to list their home. Actually, there are nine reasons why you should sell your Franklin TN home during the holidays:

1. Online Shoppers - More and more consumers are heading to their computers to do their holiday shopping. As is so often the case, they don't limit themselves to just shopping for their holiday gifts. Having your home listed now increases your chances of being seen by Internet consumers.

2. Tax Benefits - Investors are looking for tax benefits. That means they want to close before December 31 in order to claim the sale on their 2013 tax returns.

3. More Time - Generally buyers have more time to look at homes over the holidays. Most people usually stockpile vacation time and realize they have to take that time before December 31 or they'll lose it. This gives them an abundance of days to go look at Franklin TN homes for sale.

4. School's Out - This is the second best time of year to sell. Kids are out of school. Parents want to get them into their new school before the second semester starts. Take advantage of this time.

5. New Jobs - January 2 is often a date when employees start new jobs. Maybe they're relocating from another area or possibly doing contract work. Whatever the case, they are looking for houses so they can start that new job.

6. Homes Show Better - That's right. Decorated holiday homes show better. Usually, you've done all your cleaning for the upcoming holidays when family will be visiting. You've pulled out the decorations and your home is ready to be seen by the masses.

7. Emotional Connections - Buyers are looking for an emotional connection to a home. What better way to allow them to connect with your home than when it's decorated for the holidays. They can imagine themselves sitting around the fireplace having a cup of hot chocolate reading 'The Night Before Christmas' to their kids. What a great visual.

8. Less Competition - There is less home inventory over the holidays. That means less competition for you. Everyone is thinking about listing in March. Take advantage of the reduced inventory and list your home now.

9. Serious Buyers - Buyers who are out looking at homes over the holidays are serious buyers. They want to get into a home. You have fewer Looky-Lous out this time of year so while you may have fewer showings, they are quality buyers.

Don't immediately think that home buyers aren't out during the holidays. Buyers are still looking to get into a new home before the end of the year. You'll have less competition and serious buyers.

Can you think of a better reason for selling your Franklin TN home during the holidays?