Troop 11558 Newsletter

Go Troop Unicorn!

Christmas Party and Food Bank this weekend!

Saturday, Dec. 15th 2012 at 2pm

350 Tall Oaks Drive Southeast

Conyers, GA

We are meeting this Saturday to bring Christmas dinner to 5 families through Rockdale Emergency Relief. The girls will learn a little about the operations there and how they are helping to make the world a better place for girls by donating food.

We will meet at the front at 2pm. Please bring your items that you and your partner are responsible for providing. Girls need to be in their Brownie vests.

After the food bank, we will see Rise of the Guardians at 4:30pm at Carmike in Conyers. The girls will need money for their ticket. The troop will provide popcorn and a drink. Parents can take this time to get some shopping done or relax...take a couple of hours off ;)

Please meet back at the theater lobby table area between 6:15-6:30pm to pick up your daughter. Also, they will be receiving a small stocking with their 3 new badges they have earned since October.

Look what we've been up to!

A Special Honor

Amelia and Kailey were asked to help conduct the flag ceremony during their school's Veteran's Day ceremony. They did an awesome job!

Christmas Parade

Last meeting, we...

...talked about personal in Stranger Danger. Talk to your daughter about what to do when approached by a stranger and discuss who her three safe-side adults are (the 3 adults you trust to pick them up should something prevent you from doing it). Also, ask them about a safety circle. Practice yelling "This is not my mommy or daddy" with your daughter. We watched

The Safe Side - Stranger Safety: Hot Tips To Keep Cool Kids Safe With People They Don't Know And Kinda Know (2005)

Jan 8th--Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be January 8th. Please make sure your daughter gets her fire safety plan done before the meeting. Also, don't forget to email me a picture of her homemade instrument from the inventor homework that was assigned.