Curriculum Corner

Spring 2021 Edition

Continuing the Momentum

Three years ago, MCVSD laid the foundation for its Curriculum Academy, making curriculum design a priority. The goal? To create a comprehensive, content rich curriculum that was viable, that actually reflected what teachers were doing in their classrooms and that aligned to end of course assessments and industry credentials. It was our mission to help align teachers' short term plans with the district's long term goals, to create uniformity with lesson planning and expectations and to provide regular PD in the use of instructional practices and assessment literacy.

And, even amidst a pandemic, this year was composed of design workshops and work sessions during which our teachers continued to collaborate, learning, prioritizing, creating, getting feedback, and adjusting.

The curriculum training team continued to train cohorts of teachers; in fact, on May 12, 2021 the 12th cohort was trained at CLASS Academy. To date, close to 200 teachers have been trained on the UbD framework and the Rubicon/Atlas platform.

Look at how far we've come.

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A huge shout out to the MCVSD Curriculum Coaching Team!! Thank you for staying at the forefront of your field and supporting our teachers.

Culinary Education Center to Host the Teacher/Ed Specialist of the Year Luncheons

We are excited to announce that the CEC will be hosting two luncheons; one on June 2 for our 19-20 winners and another luncheon on June 3 for the 20-21 Teacher/Ed Specialist honorees! The high school culinary students are excited to serve actual guests in the dining room and we are excited to acknowledge our hardworking staff!
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Sign up for the UbD Part 2 Training Session with Dr. Hite

Thursday, Aug. 19th, 8am


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Looking to Work on Curriculum This Summer? Want to See the Power of Linkit's Reporting Capabilities?

Email me to set up a date and time! I look forward to working with you and your colleagues to redesign and map out your units.