Kayla Benth

Divergent is a blood pumping star struck action packed book by Veronica Roth. Its starts out having the main character Tris as her innocent self. As the story unfolds she finds more out about her real adrenaline junkie hard core self. She finds herself stuck though, she seems to be different than everyone else, she doesn't fit in to one faction but all of them. On a side note her hot trainer, Four, who just happens to be secretly like her to pays a little too much attention to her. Sudden events take a sharp turn when the factions try to overthrow the others. Together Four and Tris must work together to save everyone like them from death.

The making of it..

Written by Veronica Roth

Published April 25, 2011

Directed by Neil Burger

Released March 21, 2014


Roth, V. (2011). Divergent. HarperCollins Children's books.