Ruby Bridges

BY B. Huynh

Early Life

Ruby Bridges was born in a small cabin near Tylertown Mississippi, September 8th, 1954. According to Britannica School, she was the oldest of eight children. In 1957, her family moved to New Orleans. In 1960 a judge chose four children to go to an all-white school, and Ruby was one of them. Another Interesting fact was that no one grew to like her, but the teacher, Barbra Henry. Things got worse a mob was in front of the school on Ruby’s first day, so in order to make sure of her safety four marshals were sent to protect her. Ruby didn’t understand so every day she prayed to god for forgiveness.


Ruby Bridges graduated high school in 1971, by the New Orleans schools were integrated. (Integrated means to include people of all races.) According to Britannica School, Ruby’s story inspired Dr. Cole to write a book. In 1999 Ruby wrote the book "Through My Eyes". Another interesting fact was that she made a foundation where they promoted school children in there academics. The same year, Ruby made a book about life was the same year Cole made a book about Ruby.

Fun Facts

  • Did you know that Ruby received the United States Presidential Citizen Medal in January 2001 and the Legacy of Caring in October 2003.
  • Her brother was murdered so she had to take care of his 4 children
  • Royalties adore her as much as any other person
  • She started un-popular then famous the next week
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Ruby was sent to a white school by herself, so that meant she was the only African American there. On the first day of school a mob of angry parents was created. According to Britannica School, the mob hated Ruby, and every day the mob would yell and scream at her. Soon parents took their ids out of school and Ruby was left alone in the classroom by herself, with no friends.


According to Britannica School, Ruby Bridges important role in the Civil Right Movement. Ruby taught the played an importance of treating others with kindness and not to judge others by the color of their skin. All she ever did was think of the right thing to do and showed sympathy and kindness. She was known all over the world and everyone knew Ruby’s story. Royalties even respected her. Without Ruby Bridges, schools would still be segregated.

Ruby Bridges (1998)


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