Fallen Angels

By: Walter Dean Myers

The real question was what i was doing, what any of us were doing in Nam...

(Myers 132)


Fallen Angels takes place in South Vietnam and provides the reader with a great and gory picture of what Vietnam looked like. The ground was moist and very torturous. Reed pipes sliced the soldiers open and caused many to become infected and die. This book displays the hardships and sadness that the soldiers face. The main character, Richie Perry, an African American whose brother is shy and has no friends, will become a great war hero. His first experience with battle is one that he will never forget. As you read, Perry meets many friends and builds a relationship with his squad. I recommend this book for a mature audience.

Images of the War

Why I recommend this book

Fallen Angels is one of the best books I have ever read. It displays a great picture of what the war was truly like from a black stand point. This book has explicit content so I would say only a mature audience should read this book.

True struggles

Although Mr. Myers was never in the Vietnam war he gave a great representation of what the war was truly like. He would grab his readers by the bottom of their heart and twist it back and forth to the point of crying. This book is geared towards African American people who's life's were rough but through Jesus and will power you always make it through.

Why read this book?

In 1998 the book "Fallen Angels" was given the Coretta Scott award and many people loved the book, so everyone continues to buy and read the book. -en Wikipedia.org

Fallen Angels is listed as number 16 in the American Library Association's list of 100 most frequently challenged books of 1990–2000 due to its use of profanity and realistic depiction of the war. -en Wikipedia.org