Adolescents with HIV/AIDS

By: Alex Giordano

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How Is HIV Transmitted?

· Sexual intercourse/ sexual contact

· Sharing injections (drug usage)

· Coming in contact with blood, semen, vaginal fluids, and breast milk

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AIDS is the condition brought by the HIV virus.

Dangers for Adolescents

· Young adults that are mostly affected are African Americans, Latinos, and gay/bisexual boys.

· African American youth accounted for 57% of all new HIV infections.

· 70% of affected adolescents are gay/bisexual boys (most are African Americans).

· 2/3 of young girls affected are African American

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Symptoms of HIV

· Flu-like illness

· Fever

· Fatigue

· Headache

· Enlarged lymph glands

Risks of Contracting HIV

· Adolescents ages 13-24 have 26% of all new HIV infection.

· Most HIV infections are among gay/bisexual males, this increased by 22% from 2008-2010.

· ¼ of young adults have HIV between the ages of 13-24.

· Each month 1,000 young adults are affected by HIV.

· A result from taking HIV drugs, are you get uncomfortable side effects that affect growth and development.

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Behaviors That Create Risks for Adolescents

· Almost 60% of young adults with HIV don’t know they are infected.

· Most young adults don’t get tested for HIV.

· Out of 1 million Americans living with HIV, 7% are young adults.

· Too many people have HIV, but not enough of them are getting tested.

How to Avoid Contracting HIV


· Listen to what is being taught in health class.

· Use protection at all times.

· Get you and your partner tested for HIV.

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