People, Places, Perseverance

These people went through the toughest times yet.

Gerda Weissman Klein & Virginia Reed

Gerda and Virginia are two very strong women, but from very different times.

Florence Nightingale

Another women with high expectations for herself.

Florence Nightingale was a women with dreams that were harder to reach than expected. Nightingale's family disapproved of her being a nurse, at that time becoming a nurse was a "lowly" job. She loved her family very much and she didn't want to go against their word, but her venturesome was too high to quit now. She some how mustered enough courage to tell her family that she would pursue a career in nursing, despite it being a "lowly" job. Florence than began to train, she was doing so good that she went up the ranks. Her boss than gave Florence her toughest job yet. Go over seas to help the fallen British soldiers who have been hospitalized, due to the Crimean war. Once Florence and her team got there, they were shocked by what they saw. Unsanitary conditions as far as the eye can see, soldiers in pain, rats and bugs scattering across the floor. But they didn't just stop and watch the horror, they quickly went to work.

Florence Nightingale changed hospitals forever, because of what her standard was for these injured people and these unsanitary hospitals. Shes an inspiration because she changed hospitals forever. And she didn't have to care , but she did, and she took very good care of all her patients and it even shocked them how much she cared. Despite everything hat happened Florence never gave up on her dream of becoming a nurse, and because of that we have great quality hospitals that take very good care of us. Just as Nightingale once did.

Andes Plane Crash

Another hard time, with many hard decisions to make.
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Jonas, From The Giver

All though the character might be fake, his perseverance was real. Despite all odds Jonas did what he had to do to get his baby brother to safety. But before he could do any of those things he had to go through many vigorous steps.

  1. When everyone was assigned a job, Jonas was assigned the job of The Giver.
  2. Once he got the job he was trained and taught about the benefits and problems about the job.
  3. After that he slowly started getting good and bad memories, that did hurt him mentally and physically.
  4. Once he got those memories he was taught that everything he ever knew was all a lie, and that there was so much more he never knew about.
  5. After he heard that his dad was going to kill Gabe (Jonas's little brother), Jonas decided to make a gutsy move by taking Gabe and running away. So Jonas started planning, right away.
  6. Once Jonas had everything planned, he took Gabe in the night and rode his bicycle as fast as he could to get out of that place. It was very hard on both their bodies and their minds.
Jonas took many steps to get there, but because of his ambition he did not falter. Which gave Gabe a better opportunity to live out his life. So he could accomplish something to give back to Jonas, for what he had done.

Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai went through more problems than an average teenage girl should go though. In 2007 through 2009 the Taliban took over Swat Valley and began demolishing schools. They then enforced Sharia Law, making all girls and women lose their education and rights. But Malala wasn't going stand around and deal with everything that was put on her plate. She took a stand and she began writing a blog. She wrote about what was going on and how she felt about everything, how she was scared but kept fighting. That made somewhat of a difference, giving people knowledge of what was going on there. After that she slowly began making T.V. appearances, to further the knowledge of people interested, so that they know how bad things are, and how hard people are fighting to survive. Malala started getting attention, way more then the Taliban wanted. Malala was riding a bus home, when a Taliban gunmen boarded and asked for her. The gunmen had found her and had shot her in the head, injuring two others. She was severely injured, her brain was damaged. She was fighting for her life, and she wasn't giving up. Malala slowly got better after she was transferred to a British hospital. Her resilience helped her get back to normal in a matter of months. And she could've just giving up on helping other women and girls who had their rights taken away and went back to school. But she adhered to her cause and she is still trying to get women and girls their rights back. She and Angelina Jolie started a charity which provides to those who have had their rights taken away. With that also came a Nobel Peace Prize award for Malala for all the work she did, even after over coming such a traumatic thing. But Malala didn't do it for the fame or fortune, she did it to help others and she never gave up throughout the process.


My personal definition of perseverance is when you don't give up even though it's hard. Or when you fail but you still try harder to achieve your goals.

Sometimes things won't go your way, so we have seen with the people above. But how you handle the situation is the real test. Things will only get harder with every step you take. It doesn't have to be something extreme, it could be overcoming being bullied, or overcoming a big move. But all these things are just big test , and they can be really tough at times. But if you keep trying to accomplish whatever it is you want to accomplish things will work out the way you want to. And even if you fall down in the process, it's all about getting back up and running the last mile. Even though everything seems to be ripping apart at the seems. as long as you have support and you believe in yourself, you can accomplish anything.